We are putting together bundles of MINI puzzle mags for your enjoyment.  Contents include:

TAB Mini Arrowwords Coll:

Mini Arrowwords Collection is crammed with the a brand-new selection of our highly popular Arrowword puzzles every month. With the clues already in the grid, you just have to fill in your answer following the direction of the arrow. As this is still one of our Mini titles, you can stick it in your pocket and take it everywhere so you can puzzle whenever you have a spare moment. With variations of the puzzle such as Scrambled and Dilemma, plus a £750 prize to be won every month, you have plenty of reasons to always be looking forward to the next issue!

TAB Mini Codebreakers Coll:

If you’re a fan of codebreakers, this handy little collection is a magazine you’ll love. Every page has a fantastic coded puzzle to tease your brain with, from plenty of classic codebreakers to our celebrated variations, ranging from spiralling to skeletons. Being one of our Mini titles, it’s the perfect size to take with you everywhere you go. Plus, with £750 cash to be won every single month you can always be looking forward to the next issue!

TAB Mini Puzzle Mix Coll:

Mini Puzzle Mix Collection is every puzzle fan’s must-have. Filled with crosswords, arrowwords, su-dokus, logic and picture puzzles and much more, it’s packed from cover to cover. It’s handy size makes it the perfect companion on the daily commute, on holiday or even when simply relaxing at home with a refreshing cuppa.

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