BBC History – The Collector’s Edition: The Story of the Holy Land


In this BBC History Collector’s Edition Issue -The story of The Holy Land – you’ll find three main categories:

  1. Land Of The Ancients
  2. Land Of Faith
  3. Land Of War

Land Of The Ancients:

  • Canaan and the Canaanites – Jonathan Tubb examines the evidence to reveal what is known of the Canaanite culture.
  • Digging for the Bible – Aren Maeir on 10 key discoveries from the Holy Land and how they relate to the Old Testament
  • The Land Of Jesus – John Curran offers a snapshot of life in Judea around the time of Jesus
  • Treasure of the Holy Land – Dan Savery Raz picks 10 of the most inspiring and extraordinary historic sites from the region

Land Of Faith

  • The Crescent and the Sword – Andrew Marsham assesses the impact of the Islamic conquests of the Holy Land
  • Traders and Crusaders – Thomas Asbridge analyses the complexity of the Muslim/Christian relations in medieval times
  • Jerusalem: Blood & Gold – Simon Sebag Montefiore explains why the Holy City has been beset by violence for centuries
  • The Rise of Zionism – Sara Yael Hirschhorn traces the movements to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine

Land Of War

  • Clash of Empires – Eugene Rogan reveals how the British and the Ottomans battled for Palestine during the First World War
  • The Next Imperial Frontier – Jacob Norris explains how Britain’s administration of Palestine, formalised by the British Mandate, led to deep divisions
  • Revolt & Rebellion – Charles Townsend chronicles a bloody Palestinian uprising against the British Mandate between 1936 and 1939
  • The Six-Day War – The Arab-Israeli Six-Day War of 1967 was, as Mathew Hughes explains, nothing short of a political and military earthquake
  • A Brilliant Rescue? – The Israeli raid on Entebbe set out to liberate hostages held by Palestinian and German hijackers. Saul David recalls the summer of ’76


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