BBC History Revealed: Issue 85 – September 20


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From tyrannical emperors and imperial expansion, to bathing, beauty and daily brutality, the ancient Romans continue to fascinate and entertain. Explore the great stories and fascinating facts from one of the world’s greatest civilisations in our essential guide to the republic, the empire and daily life.

Inside our September 2020 issue…

Your essential guide to ancient Rome
Today, the Romans and the world they lived in are a source of endless fascination – from the intricacies of daily life (why were they so obsessed with bathing?) and the pantheon of gods and goddesses they worshipped, to the visceral delights of the gladiatorial games and a colourful cast of political leaders. Explore it all in our essential guide.

Into the Amazon: the Villas-Bôas brothers’ extraordinary
Follow in the footsteps of the 1943 Roncador-Xingu expedition – a trail through the unexplored Brazilian rainforest that ultimately led to the creation of a unique national park

Victorian female super sleuths
From the mid-19th century onwards, an increasing number of women discovered a new career, one that offered freedom, excitement and subterfuge. Historian Nell Darby explores why female private detectives came to be in such demand

What if… Napoleon had won at Waterloo?
Professor Alan Forrest examines whether Napoleon could have secured a remarkable return to power at Waterloo – or if victory would only have delayed an inevitable defeat

The latest historical book releases
Horror and heartache during the WWII siege of Leningrad
The Black Prince and the battle of Poitiers
History Q&As: Was Anne of Cleves ugly? Where does the fountain of youth myth come from? And more

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