BBC Sky At Night: Issue 184 – September 20


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Get the best view of the sky, with the UK’s best-selling astronomy magazine. Complementing the much-loved BBC television programme, Sky at Night Magazine is your practical guide to astronomy. This issue is packed with columns by renowned experts as well as in-depth cosmological features, practical observing tutorials, comprehensive equipment reviews, astrophotography master classes and much, much more.

Inside our September 2020 issue…

– Explore the night sky with binoculars: Tour 10 top targets PLUS 3 pairs of 7x50s on test

– Unlocking dark energy: Does new research explain what’s pushing the Universe apart?

– Red planet in reverse: Observe Mars’s curious orbital loop this month

– New season star-hopping: An easy trip around the constellations of autumn

– Stars on the ceiling: Make your own indoor planetarium projector

– A month of meetings: see 5 great conjunctions of the Moon and planets


– Extra online: Planetary scientist Louise Prockter on her proposal for a mission to Neptune’s largest moon

– Watch The Sky at Night: the episode where the team explores the life and death of stars

– Watch the virtual planetarium, a video guide to the month’s top night sky sights.

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