How To Build Your Model Railway – 2017


Welcome to the fifth in our ‘How to build A Model Railway’ series.

We started it with one aim: to use Model Rail’s information step-by-step style to show you exactly how to build a model railway.

In this edition, we focus on Chris Leigh’s fabulous Cornish branch line ‘Polwyddelan’. It’s not big; it’s an ‘L’ shape that’s 6ft 6in by 4ft, but it feels much bigger, thanks to the sense of depth that Chris has created.

We’ve chosen to focus on a classic branch line that’s crying out to be modelled. But the techniques that our experts describe will transfer to whatever area you fancy modelling, and whatever gauge or scale you work in.

Learning new skills is always useful, but at Model Rail we believe that’s part of the story. It’s also important to know what’s available and how to use it, so throughout this manual you’ll find guides to buying and using various pieces of vital equipment.

Layout building can be a daunting prospect, with the threat of getting it wrong hanging over every turn. But worry no more – this guide should answer all your questions.

Richard Foster – Editor