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Car Mechanics July 2018


60th Anniversary issue!

Troubleshooting 10 page special

Clutches and Flywheels:

  • How to diagnose clutch faults
  • What can go wrong with dual mass flywheels
  • Single mass flywheel conversions
  • How to make your clutch last longer

Life after breakers – a new way to source car parts

Kit cars – the best cars you’ve never heard of

Bodywork repairs – DIY jobs you can tackle easily at home

VW Golf 1.6 TDI service

Reviving a Rover – low-mileage Rover 25 brought back to life!

Part finder – Maserati 3200GT – budget V8 parts

Diagnostics – Mitsubishi Mirage 2 – scrutinising the 1.2

Buying tips – Mazda 2 – 2003-2015 models

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