CCW Guide: The Way We Were Vol. 2


The latest issue from the CCW Guides comes ‘The Way We Were’ – back by popular demand! Feautring 42 nostalgic classic car street scenes with wonderful pictures and comment from the 1950s – 1990s

Our journey starts with Austin A70 Hampshires and FX3 taxis vying for spaces outside Wembley just in time for 1953’s FA Cup final, and ends with Rover Metros and Renault Supercinqs heading to the coast for holiday fun. Only it doesn’t, because we’ve also squeezed in a tribute to Little Chef, the roadside dining institution that closed its doors this summer after serving generations of Brits.

En-route to our Olympic Breakfast there’s everything from ‘Healeys parking up alongside Humbers on the capital’s streets, holiday traffic jams packed with Marinas and Vivas, and Minis and Minors waiting for a Motorail service to whisk them to far-flung cities.

On the way, our expert writers revisit everything from Gerry Anderson’s Supercar to the opening of the Channel Tunnel.

So get set to immerse yourself in 96 more pages of motoring nostalgia – and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did making it.

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