Classic Cars January 2019


Inside this issue of Classic Cars:

  • Capri at 50: Ford’s style icon reaches its half century, we gather all the key models, plus racing legend Jochen Mass on racing them!
  • Mario Andretti: 1978 F1 World Champion relives the year at Lotus & turbulent last winning season to his own special Esprit
  • Epic Restoration: How James Glickenhaus turned the wildest concept of the Seventies into a working road car
  • 40 Years of Lotus’ last F1 Championship: Reliving the year of Lotus’ finale F1 title with a drive in Esprit S2 Championship model
  • Buying Guide: Arm yourself with our guide to seeing out a bargain Maserati Ghibli II
  • Life Cycle: Life & times of a MkI Volkswagen Golf GTI