Classic & Sportscar September 2018


Inside this issue of Classic & Sportscar:

  • Happy Birthday Land-Rover! C&CS marks 70 years of the world’s favourite 4×4 with a return trip to the Spanish site of the first demo runs
  • The Ultimate E-Type? Mick Walsh is blown away by a unique Jaguar that puts Lightweight spec into a magnificent roadgoing roadster
  • Open and Shut Case – Buckley argues in favour of the gorgeous Ghibli as the finest Maserati of all, with a lucky blast in an SS coupé and Spyder
  • Hispano-Suiza H6B – This straight-six deserves to take its place alongside established greats
  • Abarth Restoration – Ross Alkureishi meets the man who put his heart and soul into a hot Fiat 124

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