EMPIRE – August 2017 Issue


In EMPIRE this month…

THERE IS A small but solid clutch of films that have a massive DO NOT TOUCH OR COME NEAR OR EVEN LOOK AT sticker slapped across them. Don’t attempt a remake and by Christ, don’t attempt a sequel/ As we know, for every The Godfather Part II there is a Breakin 2.

Blade Runner has always sat squarely amongst those films. One of the greatest sci-fi films ever made, Ridley Scott’s portrait of a dystopian world brutalised by social decay and devoid of humanity remains timeless.

As the years have passed, each rumoured sequel (and prequel) has fallen away, our breaths slowly exhaling as they did. It was, we thought, never going to happen. And yet, here we are, 35 years later, and just over the horizon is Blade Runner 2049. It does feel in truth that we’ve been holding our breaths once more, ever since news of the sequel was confirmed. Was Ridley Scott on board with it? Would Harrison Ford’s Deckard return? And in what capacity?

Hang on, is that Ryan Gosling?! And the biggest question of all. The only one there ever is, really. Oh God, will it be good? We can’t answer the last one definitively just yet (Sorry!), but we are more hopeful, and full-lunged as ever. Empire’s Ian Nathan went on set and witnessed Denis Villeneuve’s new world coming to life, and it seems as rich, dark and mind-bending as Ridley Scott’s ever was. Turn to p66 for his full report.

That’s not all we’ve got for you, though. We have the latest Han Solo news, a first look at Detroit, all the details on Steven Soderbergh’s new heist flick and truly one of the craziest stories i’ve ever read on the making of a film. Think Con Air is nuts? The movie’s got nothing on how it actually found its way to your cinema screen. Turn to p110, put your feet up and enjoy.

It’s been a blast this month.



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