Fortean Times Issue 397


In stock

Dennis Publishing

In this issue of Fortean Times:

  • The Risley Silver Man: Reopening the file on one of the 1970s’ strangest close encounters
  • Monster Maker: The Weird World of Charles Waterton, eccentric explorer and naturalist
  • Lives of the Great Occultists: The humorous side of the Hermetic Tradition
  • This Sporting Afterlife: Ghostly cricketers and phantom footballers
  • Amityville – Fact, Fiction or Fake: What really happened at 112 Ocean Avenue?
  • Plus: Nudist vs wild boar, metal drummer goes to Hell, East Lothian hauntings, glacier turns pink, bogus social workers, death by Zoom, Covid Mary, giant eagles, saints and serpents and much more!
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