Fortean Times Issue 402



Dennis Publishing

In this issue:

  • Death Ship: The fatal final voyage of the Ourang Medan
  • The Ruskington Horror, Part Two: More terrifying encounters on Lincolnshire’s roads
  • The Edinburgh Castle Mystery: Whose bones were walled up in the Royal Palace?
  • Fantastic Beasts: Cryptozoology and the wonders of nature
  • George Clarke and the Grenfell Baby: Celebrity witnesses and unreliable memory
  • Adventures in Randonauting: Lockdown app craze leads to weird encounters

Plus: Alien Trump, Q Shaman, Covid dreams, vitrified brains, glow in the dark marsupials, Tasmanian tigers, exorcists keep busy, high society acid queen, Seven Wonders of the World, London’s pneumatic railways and much more

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