Fortean Times Issue 403


In stock

Dennis Publishing

In this issue:

  • Hearken to the Witches Rune: The strange genesis of Dave & Toni Arthur’s occult-folk classic
  • Echoes and Angels: The secret history of UFOs and radar
  • Roswell Revisited: Examing the evidence of Major Marcel’s journal
  • Death in the snow: The Dyatlov Pass mystery solved?
  • The Flying Monk: The levitations of St Joseph of Copertino
  • From Iceland to India: The paranormal research of Erlendur Haraldsson

Plus: Stalin’s kebab shop, Japenese robowolves, Jon Pertwee’s ghost scare, the Hounslow Holy Grail, dancing starlings, medical impostors, the mysteries of Bari, Covid nightmares, mad axe-dog, zombie mink, and much more

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