Garden Answers – October 2017


In this month’s issue of Garden Answers get your free Physalis Alkekengi seeds worth £2.99.

Lots of garden inspiration, bright ideas for shady places, Top 10 spring bulbs & Autumn colours.

October is a magical month in the garden. The days are shorter, the air is fresher and the light is unsurpassable – all conspiring to create a unique atmosphere. Deciduous plants respond by delivering up their autumn colours -hidden from view all year until the green chlorophyll in their leaves recedes, revealing anthocyanins (red & purple pigments), carotenoids (orange) and xanthophylls (yellow). This issue we take a look at the autumn colour palette and find ways to combine plants for dramatic effect. We’re also celebrating the role of Japnese maples as harbingers of autumn. So whether you’re planning or planting your garden this month, do share your results with us – we always love to see your photos! – Liz Potter  (Editior)

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