Land Rover Owner International August 2017



We all want to make our Land Rovers better, whether they're used on-road, off-road or just as a family vehicle.

But improving a Land Rover doesn't mean ruining it – most changes are reversible, so we can get the most out of our vehicle and return it to standard if we ever come to sell.

Of course, sometimes it's handy for vehicles to be sold on with their modifications intact, as Rob Maude found with his unique Air Drive Harrier (p114), which came with all of its accessories.

At the other end of the scale Steven Morecroft's Discovery 1 (p48) looks like a reasonably well-equipped off-roader, but the main improvements – twin turbos – are hidden in the engine bay.

I hope you're inspired by the issue – let us know what you're doing with your own Land Rovers.

Neil Watterson – Editor

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