Modern Classics October 2018


Inside this issue of Modern Classics:

  • Alfa Romeo Greats – Let us be your guide to the heady heights of one of Europe’s greatest car manufacturers – Alfa Romeo
  • Endangered Species: Alfa GTV6 – In South African touring car racing in the early 1980s Alfa Romeo was at loggerheads with BMW. It needed a secret weapon, and got it – the 3.0-litre V6
  • Buyers’ File: Mazda MX-5 MkIII – Get to work year-round, having fun at the same time
  • MG X-Power SV – Is the driving experience as mad as this Brummie muscle car’s looks suggest? Joe Breeze finds out
  • Head to Head: BMW MS CS vs 1M – Last of the old guard, six-pot M3s takes on the upstart turbocharged 1M, can it hold its own?