Octane Issue 209 – Nov 20


In stock

Dennis Publishing
  • Eagle E-Types – They’re the most revered and sought-after of all the E-types modernised for the 21st Century ? and Octane is the first to get them all together
  • Lamborghini 400 GT – A superbly restored example of an early Lamborghini that is suddenly on collectors? radar ? and this one once belonged to Paul McCartney
  • Chevrolet Astrovette – In the 1960s, Chevrolet offered NASA astronauts their choice of car for $1 a year. Nearly all chose a Corvette. This one belonged to Apollo 12?s Al Bean ? and has been in the hands of one owner ever since
  • Porsche 924 GT-R – Porsche entered a trio of GT-Rs at Le Mans in 1980, then took a further batch racing in subsequent seasons ? only this one escaped competition use for 35 years?
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