Practical Sportsbikes August 2017


This month…

For every project or restoration that makes it off the work bench, then out of the MoT station to start its new life, there are many more that get left at the back of the shed, and forgotten about.

We've all been there. Even PS's prolific project bike builder Alan Seeley. Our Technical Ed's once brimming enthusiasm for his Ducati ST4-powered 888 replica began to dry up for his homemade Italian twin before he could realise its potential.

Fellow PS contributor Rupert Paul couldn't bear to see Alan's hard work go to waste so he's unearthed the Duke from the back of the shed, dusted it down, and has sworn to finish what Al started. See if he's bitten off more than he, and indeed Alan, can chew from page 89.

Two men who bit chunks out their competition before coming back for more legendary tuner Pops Yoshimura and his two-time AMA title winning rider Wes Cooley. Pops and Wes showed their sheer class in the late '70s and early '80s American rave scene by beating factory backed Kawasaki and Honda teams, and in the process making Suzuki and its GS1000 superbike into racing Legends.  Wes tells PS his story from page 48. And what a story it is.


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