Trail August 2017


This Issue…

  •  Base Camp
  • Know How
  • Adventures
  • Gear
  • 12 Walks To Do This Month

All this plus loads more in this months Trail Mag – Here is a few words from the Editor:

I’m in a good mood, so I wanted to start this with a joke. But there aren’t any funny mountain jokes, so I need to make one up. While I do, can I just say that I love you all? Every last one. Even if I haven’t told you that personally (it takes a while to get round everyone – I’m currently on 1,784 of about 20,000 so bear with me) but you lot are so inspiring, Every month you fill out inbox with stories, photos and just general how-dos and it genuinely puts a spring in our step and a buzz in our bee.

So, we want you to spend the weekend with us. October 20: see page 9 for details. There will be celebs, events, a gear sale, walking, beer and maybe more of me telling you I love you and cracking mountain jokes. Actually, oops. I haven’t though of one. Hmmm… here goes: Knock Knock. Who’s there? Applecross. Applecross who? Page 26. No, not funny. But by page 26, trust me: you won’t care.

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