Trail Running Aug/Sep 17


August / Sept Issue

Paul – Editor:

What I love about trail running most is the fact it really is a welcoming and friendly sport. Recently I was on holiday in Skiathos – very glamorous I know – and saw a banner advertising a 10k race through the foothills around town. Could I run, I asked. Of course, came the enthusiastic answer, and before I knew it I was signed up and standing on the start line with an assorted bunch of moderately tanned fellow holiday makers , alongside bronzed, super-fit-looking locals. And while the race was great, as ever it was the post-race drinks, chats and cuts-and-bruises comparisons that really made the day complete…(Find out the rest in this issue!)

This issues contributors…

Ruth Jones – Ruth investigates the foundations of good running: strong bones, page 42

Rob Kemp – Rob pinpoints the perils of overtraining – and how to spot the signs, page 22

Sophie Radcliffe – Up for an adventure? Sophie shows you how to rev up your regular run, page 36

James Beckinsale – Triathlon coach James demonstrates how to build speed in six steps, page 72

Jen & Sim Benson – The authors of Wild Running reveal their top 10 trail routes this issue, page 91

Jack Hart – Training editor Jack rounds up 30 fitness hacks to upgrade your daily routine, page 46

All this plus loads more in this issue of Trail Running Mag!


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