Trail – September 2017


Ahhh, September, September, September. They should write a song about September. The should call it Ahhh, September. Because it really is the finest month to be out in the hills. The ground is still warm from summer, the breeze hasn’t grown its autumn teeth yet, the days are just long enough to be epic and the nights just right for a stargazing. It’s my birthday in September. I’ve decided this year I’ll be 24. Because it’s September, and anything is possible see? So we thought we would offer you all a summermoon – like a honeymoon, but better. A month of mountain adventures to wind down the warmer bit of the year in style and take advantage of this marvellous golden month. So, starting on page 38, we have a fabulous clutch of ready-made adventures for you to go and find, tailored to this sublime time of year. We’ll see you out there…

Simon Ingram – Editor

A little bit more…


  • Walk of the month
  • Five reasons to go to…
  • Do it this month
  • What’s hot
  • Nature notes
  • People who rock
  • Out there
  • Trail’s reader weekend


  • Top tips for map handling
  • How hard is Striding Edge?
  • Sleeping bag whiffy?
  • Photography masterclass
  • Rock facts, water nasties and ‘desire lines’


  • Fleetwith and Haystacks
  • Instant escapes
  • A wild Welsh night
  • Out with an expert
  • In search of summer show


  • First test
  • Rucksacks: 40-50L
  • Soft shell jackets
  • Mobile gadgets
  • Kit list
  • Used & abused
  • Bashed by Backshall

All this plus loads more, including…


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