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Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmopolitan is packed with all the things that you’d expect from a glossy women’s monthly magazine. Such as the latest fashion, celebrity gossip, make-up tips and more.

This magazine is for women who have a busy lifestyle which is packed with a busy work schedule and exciting social events. We think that almost every woman will know of Cosmopolitan magazine. It has quite a legendary status and even shares its name with a fruity cocktail! The magazine contains entertaining articles on how to improve confidence and self esteem. It also gives the busy readers tips on how to dress to suit their figures and how to keep looking beautiful on the go.

Cosmopolitan magazine is stuffed with reader tips and advice. Readers will be able to recreate the latest celebrity make up and fashion with the helpful step by step guides. There are also problem sections which can give readers much needed advice on anything from relationships to how to improve your fitness. The magazine encourages readers to maintain a balanced healthy lifestyle while still enjoying life to the full.

The fashion sections are extensive and will give readers fun ideas to brighten up their wardrobes. The clothes shown are often examples from a variety of shops with various price tags. This allows readers with any budget to still obtain the latest looks of the moment.

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