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Our vision is to be the most dynamic international media group. We are dedicated to growing Britain’s best loved media brands, restlessly innovating across different platforms to bring our audience new sources of inspiration, information and entertainment.

Dennis Publishing’s vision and values come from all of us. They existed already, unwritten, in the way we work, how we communicate and how we think. What we have done is express those beliefs in words, focusing on what makes Dennis truly unique and Brilliantly different to other organisations.

To be the most dynamic media company in the UK, you need the most agile brands.

  • Brands that stand the test of time and build their influence across every emerging platform and  technology.
  • Brands that continually reach out to new customers with their ever-changing interests and passions.
  • Brands with innovation, challenge and ambition at the core of their DNA.

With this singular focus, Dennis has been able to create multi-award-winning brands today to inspire, inform and entertain the audiences of tomorrow.

That’s what makes us Brilliantly Different; creative to our fingertips and professional to the core.