Ancient History Magazine Issue 48

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Hunting was a universal pastime in the ancient world, and not just for food. From the dark forests of northern Europe to the fertile Nile valley, people would hunt to express their status and power, or even to entertain.

Theme: Hunting in the ancient world

  • Ian Armit, ‘Warfare and ritual in Iron Age Gaul – In search of the Celtic headhunters’.
  • Jo Ball, ‘Animal combat in the Roman arena – Fighting tooth and claw’.
  • Colleen Darnell, ‘Hunting and warfare in ancient Egypt – Imposing order onto chaos’.
  • Matthew Cobb, ‘Pachyderms in the Ptolemaic army – The hunt for elephants’.
  • Murray Dahm, ‘Hoplites hunting as training for war – Practice makes perfect’.


  • Jona Lendering, ‘The Artemidorus controversy – Papyrologists and policemen’.
  • Gareth Williams, ‘Handling homicides in ancient Athens – Dead man walking’.
  • Jorrit Kelder, ‘Bronze Age Anatolian and Aegean cult statues – Lost and found?’.
  • David Lewis, ‘Were Sparta’s helots like serfs – Between free men and slaves’.
  • Thanos Matanis, ‘A history of naturalistic art in Gandhara – Dionysus, drama, and the Dhamma’.
  • Philip Matyszak, ‘The ins and outs of inheritance in Ancient Rome – Will power’.

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