Octane Magazine March 2024 – Issue 249


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Coming up in Octane 249

• TVR Cerbera
Celebrating the last – and best – of the line: thrilling Cerbera 4.6 Red Rose Lightweight, greatest of the Peter Wheeler era


• Maserati A6GCS Frua Spider
Three built, two survive – and this one won Best in Show at the 2023 Concours of Elegance. James Elliott drives a super-rare 1950s deity

• Jensen C-V8 at Bonneville
Caught speeding on the salt flats – this is the story of the world’s fastest Jensen

• 1930s racing Lancia V8s
Experiencing the renowned ‘Steady Special’ in its final form – and pitting it against the ex-Eritrea Grand Prix Dilambda


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