Octane Magazine May 2024 – Issue 251

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Coming up in Octane 251


Schuppan-Porsche 962 CR

This is the most extensive ever road-test of the incredible, fire-breathing racebred Schuppan 962 CR. Join Richard Meaden behind the wheel of a road-legal, race-bred unicorn

PLUS – The inside line on Vern Schuppan, the Le Mans winner and his cars


Racing Jaguar E-type

At Monsanto Park, Portugal, to drive the ex-Nogueira Pinto 1961 ‘flat floor’, the most successful competition E-type of its era

Los Angeles by hot rod

We tour Beverly Hills with collector Bruce Meyer in his favourite ’32 Deuce Coupe

1907 Fiat 130HP

Braving a 16-litre, 100mph veteran of the French Grand Prix

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