Mags Direct Flexible Magazine Subscriptions

We at Mags Direct feel that loyalty should be rewarded, and rather than offer discounts to brand new customers, we should offer money savings to those who trust us to provide them with their magazines month in month out!  Therefore using our new ‘flexible magazine subscriptions’ offer, we can now give YOU a massive 20% discount on all purchases*.


flexible magazine subscriptions
Pick what issues you recieve, and when!

Traditional magazine subscriptions do save you money, but are fairly rigid – you are sent every issue of a single magazine for a specific time period.  Great, but what if you don’t fancy an issue, or there’s another magazine which takes your fancy?  You’re stuck…

BUT:  By taking advantage of a ‘flexible magazine subscription’ from Mags Direct, your money not only works harder with a 20% discount, but you also get to pick and choose which issues you receive, even swap between different titles, and you choose WHEN you get your issues, with no time limits!



REGISTER!   We need to hold your account balance against your details so it’s safe and secure. If you are not a registered user, simply fill in the form with a few details and a password so that we can remember your billing and delivery address, saving you time for future purchases.  We do not store any of your payment details for total security.

On your ACCOUNT PAGE, you can make deposits into your account fund (minimum £20 initial deposit – remember with the discount that will buy you £24 of magazines!).

Shop as normal, but when you go to check-out and play, select “Account funds” rather than PayPal.

You will see a 20% discount is applied to all your purchases!

That’s it!  Your flexible magazine subscription has started.  You can, of course, top-up at any time via your account page, ensuring all your purchases here enjoy the 20% discount.

At any time in your account page, you can view all details of your account funds and balance, including purchases and deposits.



You can buy one, two, three… in fact any number of magazines at one go and get a discount, as long as you have the funds in your account.

To gain a 20% discount your funds must cover the entire basket.  The checkout will warn you if you do not have enough money in your account to cover the purchase.  Just make a deposit to make your balance cover the full basket value and re-try.

The minimum deposit is £20.

Your account balance is safely held on account by ourselves, which is part of the Frontline Group, the UK’s largest magazine distribution company.  If you wish to withdraw your funds, please contact us and once we confirm your details, we can refund your balance back to you.

* The 20% discount does not apply to the standard overseas postage, nor any special postage added to UK deliveries.

Of course, if you do want to purchase a tradition subscription, our publishing partner Bauer has a great website where you can do just that.