Guy Martin – Racer, TV Star, Proper Bloke

Speed demon Guy Martin is becoming an unlikely household name, and you can’t help but like him.  He’s a no-nonsense old fashioned ‘bloke’, who reminds me of what we used to think a British sports star should be – an amateur who does no exercise, who likes a beer, and spends a lot of time making stuff in sheds.  He’s become such a legend in his own lifetime we’ve even got a special MCN magazine all about him!

Sometime lorry mechanic, sometime TV presenter, oh and the fact he’s one of motorcycling’s biggest names is something he’d shrug off with his truly modest and laid back style.  He also is a complete speed nut, with several world records to his name, another of which, the fastest and biggest wall of death ride in history he broke in a recent TV documentary.

After the unlikely heartthrob reached hair-raising speeds of 78.15mph on the 20-ton wooden wall that is six metres high and ten metres in diameter, the truck-fitter from Grimsby simply reached for a cup of tea…but his partner looked like she might have preferred something stronger.



Guy trained for the high g-forces he’d find at speed on the wall of death by joining a stunt plane pilot, who took him through spins which pushed his body up to 7 gs.  That’s seven times his body weight – a force which would make many people black out (or at least be very sick!).

Guy Martin with his motorbike and wall of death

While it was Guy risking his body during the world record attempt, you had to feel more for his girlfriend Dubliner Sharon Comiskey, who has moved to Lincolnshire to set up home with Martin, after she appeared barely able to watch.  In fact I think she looked like she was going to throw-up throughout the program!  Little wonder really, after we saw how many crashes and bad injuries the motorcyclist has been through.  He’s never going to get through airport security without having to explain all the metal in his body, a mixture of plates and bolts after he broke many bones including his back in a horrific crash at the Isle of Man TT race.

You can read a lot more about Guy Martin and his exploits in the latest MCN Special magazine.

Guy Martin on wikipedia.


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