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rust bucket challenge

Mags Direct are proud to be able to sponsor one of its own staff, ‘Loz’ Hoefling, as he drives around Europe in a 10 country, 2,500 mile, 4 day rally in cars bought for less than £500 – hense the “rust bucket” aspect.  Although looking at the BMW Loz has got for the event, we’re not 100% that’s an apt description!

This adventure is all in aid of a charity called ‘Ups n Downs’ who support children with Downs Syndrome in Northamptonshire, one of them being Loz’s own little brother Charlie.

Loz is our finance man, so he’s good with numbers – hopefully that will be a skill needed as he counts up the sponsorship money!

If you would like to support this worthy cause, you can of course donate using this link –

All monies raised will go straight to the charity

The Route Loz is taking…

Day One

Wellingborough – Friedrichshafen

loz enjoying a tipple
Loz enjoying a well earned tipple in France

Day 1 of The Rust Bucket Rally 2016, to commence 03:30 Friday 3rd June. We will leave Wellingborough and head off to catch the Dover to Calais ferry, on leaving Calais we head on down through France and into the Champagne region where we will stop for lunch and a organised Champagne tasting session. Leaving there we drive over to Germany and through The Black Forrest and through some of Germany’s most beautiful scenery, on leaving the Black Forrest we head towards Friedrichshafen where we will spend our first night.

Day Two

Friedrichshafen – Venice

Departing at approx 07:00 we will leave Friedrichshafen and head off into Switzerland and towards Davos, from there we take the road to The Stelvio Pass which Top Gear announced as the best driving road ‘IN THE WORLD’. For those of you that took part last year we will be doing the Pass the opposite way, so traveling UP the tight hairpin bends. After lunch we travel through northern Italy’s beautiful countryside and head for yet another Pass. This time it’s The San Boldo pass which will take us down towards Venice for our second nights stop. We will be staying on the mainland but it’s only a 12 minute train ride to Venice island where we can indulge in a spot of late night culture.

Day Three

Venice – Frankfurt

We leave Venice at the more respectable time of 9am and back to the San Boldo Pass and go up what I am sure will be one of the highlights of day 2. From there we head off to Austria and drive through the hills and mountains. We will pass through Innsbruck which will bring back memories from last years rally, that will take us into Germany and onto Das Autobahn. We will go up to Nuremberg and then off to Frankfurt for our 3rd nights accommodation.

They've reached the champagne region

Day Four

Frankfurt – Wellingborough

Day 4 will see us leave at 7 am and head home. We will head back towards Brussels and Calais where we will catch the ferry home and head back to Wellingborough where a welcome home party will await.

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