Our 2016’s Top 5 Bestselling Classic Car Magazines

These are the classic car magazines with the most drive and the best staying power. Let’s stay on cruise control as we wheel out the most road-worthy titles…

5. Modern Classics

modern classics iss 3Now monthly, this is the action-packed magazine devoted to the very best cars from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. You’ll find world-class advice for buying and well-researched features about all the motors you adore.

Modern Classics brings passion and expertise to every page, stacked with reviews, documented histories, insider knowledge and much, much more. Whether you love BMWs, Mini Coopers, Honda Civics or Suzuki Swifts, you’ll find your preferences catered to, with everything you need to know about the legendary motors from the past. There’s nothing quite like Modern Classics for reigniting your love of four-wheeled friends from around the world.

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4. Classic & Sports Car

Classic & Sports Car April 2017 CoverOne of the best-loved, market-leaders for classic car enthusiasts, this magazine’s an authority on every aspect, from buying to maintenance, from restoration to being on the road.

There’s plenty of entertaining coverage about every conceivable type of classic car, so whether you go for popular favourites like MGBs and Jaguar E-types or one-of-a-kind racers and prototypes, you’ll find everything you’ve wanted to know, right here. The magazine is also host to one of the world’s busiest and most highly regarded marketplaces for valuable motors.

With an issue every month, this glossy journal brings you first-rate journalism and dynamic photography, art, reviews, books, events news, letters, advice and information you just can’t live without.

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3. Practical Classics

Practical Classics December 2016 Issue CoverWith an illustrious 35-year history behind it, Practical Classics never wavers in bringing readers the best classic car experiences and advice. Because it’s written and created by people who restore classics in real life, you know you’re getting the authentic insights.

With plenty of product tests, inspiring features, historical insights and stringent buying advice, it’s a bible for devotees new and old. You’ll find price guides and workshop reports, plus market trends that are completely up to the minute.

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2. Practical Classic Guides

Practical Classics Guide to the Jaguar E-Type CoverFor every beloved classic, there’s a Practical Classic Guide to match, celebrating each vehicle with a treasure trove of historical features, technical insight and advice from experts and engineers, and lavish photography.

Volumes devoted to MG Saloons, Fast Fords, VW Beetles, the Jaguar XJ6 and the Triumph Stag are just a sprinkling of what’s on offer. Every fanatic has a favourite and you’re sure to find yours. Inside, you’ll be able to trace the story of each car from beginning to end. Buying tips aplenty and everything you need to know in order to get the most from your motor are just two of the benefits.

Written, edited and illustrated with all the drive you’d expect from the Practical Classics team, these are unmissable special editions that you’ll love reading.

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1. Classic Cars

Classic Cars Magazine Feb 2017 Issue CoverThe original classic-car-lovers’ manual, established 42 years ago, Classic Cars set the template for great motoring journalism and it still does that in abundance to this very day.

Readers looking for the most incisive coverage, the latest news, tips, events and trends need look no further than right here. All the advice you need to enjoy your passion to the fullest is inside.

Every month brings you world-class features on the most thrilling cars from the pages of history, and the stories behind them. From buying to being out on the road, you’ll have step-by-step inspiration to make sure you live our your classic car fantasies.

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