Focus Magazine Arrives at Mags Direct

We are proud to be able to offer the fantastic science and technology magazine “Focus”, published by one of our publishing partners, Immediate Media.

BBC Focus Magazine explores the most incredible advances in science and technology and makes them accessible to you.

From the Big Bang and the evolution of the Universe to the medical advances that could save your life, we’ll bring you up to speed on the most important discoveries.

BBC Focus Magazine uses only the very best science writers to bring complex topics down to earth. And with columnists like sci-fi author Stephen Baxter, BBC TV presenter Helen Czerski and physicist Robert Matthews, there’s no shortage of expert comment on the world around us.

Our first issue is now on-sale, at just £4.30 – and as always it’s free postage to the UK, and we’ve also reduced our postage rates across the world.

Issue 292 contains…

  • Why Nuclear power could be our safest bet.
  • Could your driverless car kill you to save someone else?
  • Build a smart home
  • How do we forecast the weather?

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