Here’s to Spring!

Look forward to Spring with the new issue of Landscape magazine, available to deliver to you NOW!

LandScape is full of early spring colour this issue, with ideas for using daffodils in the garden, and a close look at that most British of flowers, the primrose. We also celebrate the beauty of delicate nodding fritillaria.

Celebrating British craftsmanship, we profile a woman who designs the most wonderful crochet blankets – her works are simply rainbows of colour. Out in the countryside, a flint knapper is busy following a centuries-old method of building walls from this durable stone, while one of the last coopers in the country shows the art of making casks for beer.

North Berwick, a Scottish coast of rocks and magnificent ruins including the cliff-hugging Tantallon Castle, is the focus of travel this issue. Staying in Scotland, there’s a profile of the rare Soay sheep that eke out their existence untended by man on the bleak and windswept St Kilda archipelago.

Making the most of seasonal produce, our recipes range from tempting ways to enjoy the sweetness of ruby red beetroot to new takes on old-fashioned milk puddings.

Landscape MarApr 2016

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